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Black Hawk Dog Adult - Chicken & Rice 20Kg

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Chicken & Rice
Black Hawk Chicken & Rice Holistic Adult Formula is designed to meet the AAFCO standards for growth and maintenance of dogs, ensuring your dog has the correct nutrients, vitamins and minerals for optimal health.

Included in our formula
Chicken Meal - lower in protein and fat, while also highly nutritious.
Brown Rice - a complex carbohydrate and high in B Vitamins.
Chicken Fat - a high quality source of essential fatty acids and energy.

Key Product points
Lower energy, protein and fat.
Suitable for breeds who function better with lower protein and fat in their diets (eg: Shar Pei, Staffordshire Bull Terrier).
Ideal for all life stages.
Can be used as a weight control formula. 
Sometimes used with low level pancreatitis issues, but please consult your vet.

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