Mooey's Hardware, Pet & Landscaping @ Samford

Mooey's Pet & Produce Marketplace has expanded into Hardware & Landscaping Supplies at Samford. Mooey's and The Gap Handyman Centre together have brought our knowledge and expertise in pet, produce, hardware & landscaping to our new concept store located at 1 Main St, Samford Village.


• Hardware Store
• Landscape & Garden Supplies
• Bulk landscaping materials (Soils, Mulch, Gravels, Sands etc.)
• Pet & Produce Marketplace
• Pool Shop
• Pool water testing
• Pots & Water Features


1 Main St
Samford Q 4520

Pet & Produce Marketplace and Landscaping Yard
Enter via 12 Mt Glorious Rd
Samford Q 4520

Tel: 07 3289 3833

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri 
7am to 5pm

7am to 4pm

Sunday & Public Holidays
8am to 4pm

Labour Day Monday 2nd May - 8 to 4pm