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Running Cool Sport

Running Cool Sport is a fully extruded, energy dense complete food specifically formulated for performance ponies and horses. It is a perfect feed for daily-trained horses in light to heavy work and competition horses in all spot disciplines including equestrian, racing, campdrafting, endurance, polo, reining and cutting.

Running Cool Sport has well balanced amounts of high quality protein, amino acids and energy perfectly suited to the work load placed on sport horses. It contains enriched levels of micronutrients including anti-oxidant vitamins, minerals and chelated trace minerals to support the nutritional needs of your performance pony or horse.

Running Cool Sport is processed by extrusion to maximise digestibility and minimize digestive dysfunction. The Extrusion process adds a large range of benefits compared to pelleted and standard feeds. Listed below are just a few advantages in feeding extruded products

  • The extrusion process changes the nutritional characteristics making proteins, carbohydrates and liquids more available for the horse's metabolism

  • The nutrients become more readily adsorbed in the small intestine, reducing overload into the hindgut.

  • Extruded nuggets promote chewing and saliva production, which is essential for buffering stomach acids.

  • Extruded feeds are low in dust and fines, making it an excellent feed for horses with respiratory problems

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