LCA - All-In-One Premium+ 500ml (Planted/Ph above 7.5)

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*Stable up to Ph 11. Tailored for alkaline planted tank*

If your ph level is below 7.5 please select the standard Premium version.

LCA All in-One+ Premium Liquid Fertiliser is a super concentrated solution that supplies all the necessary micro and macro nutrients to ensure that your plants grow and develop in a healthy way. It has high concentration levels of Iron (Fe) in EDDHA form which means it is specially formulated for tanks with a Ph level of up to 11.0. Full 3x per week dosing provides enough Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium , Iron, and other important key trace elements for even the most demanding tanks.

If you have soft water or are using RO/DI water you should also be using a GH booster to ensure proper magnesium and calcium levels following a water change.

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