About Rocky Point Mulching

Rocky Point Mulching is Australia’s only family-owned and operated Sugar Cane Farm and Sugar Cane Mulch processing plant. Our Sugar Cane Mulch is not outsourced for production. We grow it, we pack it.

We are a third-generation family owned and operated business; our story started all the way back in 1949, when Alexander and Phyl Keith purchased their first block of land in the Rocky Point area. In the beginning they planted and cut the cane by hand, and burning the cane was common practice.

rpm family photoSince then, things have come a long way! Approximately 25 years ago, during a severe drought, there was a demand for stockfeed. Alex’s sons developed innovative mechanical harvesting techniques and now harvest the cane green. The sugar cane hay was supplied to feed lots and cattle farmers.  When the rain finally came, there were thousands of small bales left on the farm that got wet. These were sold on as garden mulch to avocado farmers to mulch around their plantation trees.  This was the start of the sugar cane mulch industry.  Farmers were adding value to their income, more machinery was being purchased and more jobs were being created.

Today, Alexander's grandsons work the land alongside their fathers and grandfather using best farming practices. In today's complex world sugar market, these three generations of farmers are producing the finest sugar cane mulch available.

Over the years, the Rocky Point Mulching product range has expanded to include a full range of premium feeder and decorative mulchespotting mixesgrowing mediasandsanimal bedding and more! The family of products is always growing and we are always striving to innovate within the industry to make the best products available to the at-home gardener.

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